“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, it’s so cliche right? Certainly... but the use of this idiom can be applied to almost any first impression a person may have when they arrive outside the business and see its facade. 

Lets face it; we are all guilty of it. There has undoubtedly been a time in your life when you have passed judgement on a business establishment simply by sizing up its antiquated or uninviting store front. I do it all the time! And I get fooled more often than not. Restaurants, dessert venues, coffee shops, dry cleaners, clothing tailors, landscapers, construction companies, repair garages and many others small businesses get overlooked for this reason everyday. And then, unexpectedly, you stumble upon a hidden gem within those uninviting walls and realize just how wrong your initial impression really was.

Well used car dealerships are no different. In most eyes we are a dishonest group of people. And while it is true that some used car dealers have a proven shady reputation it definitely is not true that we all play by the same rules. There are hidden gems in any type of business and one specific used car dealer Auto Smart, LLC in Binghamton, NY is exactly that gem all used car buyers really want to find!

When you visit Auto Smart, LLC we ask that you develop your first impression after you move beyond our cover (business facade). We may be small, we may be located off the beaten path and our store front may not look like the entrance to the Taj Mahal but our warm greeting, personalized attention, honest interactions, customized services, competitive financing and hand picked inventory will leave you feeling as if you were buying a car from your very best friend! Take a quick look at what all of your Facebook friends have to say about our business and services by visiting us on FaceBook @autosmartny.

It is our personal mission to help every potential customer in anyway we can. Whether it be in sales, service or financing the staff here at Auto Smart, LLC has a passion to make your next car buying experience a wonderful car buying experience; leaving you with the realization that there is way more substance to this company’s book than the look of its cover and therefore a Big Mistake!

Auto Smart, LLC is an honest used car dealer in Binghamton, NY offering quality used cars, quality used trucks, used car auto loans, buy here pay here services and so much more! You can find Auto Smart, LLC conveniently located at 1126 Upper Front Street Binghamton, NY 13905. 

Thanks for reading! And remember, Be Smart Buy Smart at Auto Smart, LLC!

Michael Kinner