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Wholesale Inventory

Welcome to the wholesale center for Auto Smart, LLC. This section is for wholesale dealers only! You must be a registered dealer through Manheim Auto Auctions to access our wholesale inventory. Our entire inventory listed online is available for immediate purchase using the Manheim OVE network.

Click here to view our current list of inventory available for purchase on OVE. You must complete the "Search By Seller" box using the name Auto Smart, LLC.

Our team is committed to tracking the current trends and demands for vehicles in the global market place. This is not a hobby it’s our profession! We know automobiles inside and out! No bull! Top to bottom no detail is overlooked leaving us with a very intimate knowledge of what we buy and sell. All cars listed on OVE are accurately described with care.

We understand the mechanics of retail sales and the impact that a truly nice car can have on a customers purchase decision. That’s why we Auto Check every single one of our cars to assure that we are not passing off a dud! That’s right, every one! Whether we purchase it off the street, at auction or from another dealer we research them all. Just ask and we tell! Seriously, what’s to hide? Why else would be awarded a Platinum Sellers rating at the Manheim PA Auto Auction for 3 consecutive years? Because we have nice cars and we are honest, that’s why!

Services Offered

For over 15 years Auto Smart, LLC has been catering to the dealer wholesale community with unprecedented service in each of the following areas:

Trade-In Appraisal / Purchasing Services

Secure your deal with a guaranteed buy figure by calling us today! We don’t want your rust buckets, rental wrecks or pre-madonna patty wagons! Get top dollar right here for clean high-line, mid-line or low-line trades with any mileage! Let us take the uncertainty out of your deal. Call us with an accurate description and we purchase! If you have unwanted or aged inventory we’ll buy that too!

“If you’re not a liar, we’re a buyer!”

Auction Buying / Spotter Services

Question: What good is a kitchen without a chef?
Answer: About as good as your dealership without a manager. A good chef mans his kitchen, so man yours! Let us buy your vehicles while you double your profits by doing what you do best. We have skilled buyers present at many auctions equipped with state of the art paint meters and appraisal tools ready to buy you the perfect inventory. Also, if your a fan of buying online always remember that Auction Condition Reports can be very misleading, hard to read or in many cases clearly inaccurate! We can provide accurate spotter services that will give you a sense of security before your purchase. Call us today and find out what auctions we cover.

Vehicle Remarketing Services

Let our staff of remarketing experts rid you of your unwanted or aged inventory. Repeated trips to auctions add up to thousands of unnecessary fees. It is becoming increasingly more difficult and time consuming to list a car for sale on the auction Internet websites. As said before, “this is not a hobby, it’s our profession!” We can save you time and money while helping you rid yourself of useless inventory. Call us today and we will remarket your vehicles through our network of buyers and Internet forums achieving maximum results!

Vehicle Locator Services

Bottom line….. you do not have access to the same inventory we have access to. So if you’re tired of endless searches to fill one single order try calling us. Internet search engines and auction sites are great resources but what good are they if the car you want is not listed for sale? We have established relationships with a multitude of dealers that may have exactly what you’re looking for hidden in their inventory. Call us today and let us try to locate the vehicle you need!

Auction Locations

Auto Smart, LLC is a member and registered dealer in good standing at all of the following Auction Organizations:

Manheim Auto Auctions (all east coast locations)
Adesa Auto Auctions (all east coast locations)
Expressway Auto Auction
Greensboro Auto Auction
Central PA Auto Auction
Harrisburg Auto Auction
Roch / Syr Auto Auction
Stateline Auto Auction
Southern Auto Auction
NEPA Auto Auction
CNY Auto Auction